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A3L LED Kit - (Panel Drop x2)

Ref: STOCK-1

Price: 160.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

A3L LED Kit - (Panel Drop x2)

Action 1 = We have "USED" A3 Landscape LED Panels reduced in price to clear
Action 2 = If you are on a very tight budget then, this listing is for you
Action 3 = Reduced from £250 to only = £160
Action 4 = We have currently = 4x Sets in Stock (26th Jan 2018)

Each A3 Landscape LED Panel has a small gap (top centre) of the acrylic. this allows you to slide an A3 Document in and out of the LED very easily. The order comes with everything you need to create a drop of 2x A3 Landscape LED panels within your window. Also, each A3 Landscape LED Panel is double-sided hence, you will be able to advertise 2 facing outward and 2x facing inwards

LED Panel Measurements:
Width 500mm x H380mm x D20mm at 2kgs



Supplied = 2x A3 Landscape (Double-Sided) LED Panels
Supplied = 2x Floor to Ceiling cables 4M
Supplied = 1x UK Power Transformer
Supplied = 100x A3 Back-Lit Sheets to get you going!


Postage and Transit Times:
1. (Postage) = £13.99 - see "More Info page" for qualifying areas
2. (Transit Time) = Normally within 2x working days of your live order

Additional Details:
If more Back-Lit Paper or Film is required - see "Related Products"

UK Postage Costs:
1. Postage costs are to the following areas only:
2. Mainland England + Mainland Wales
3. *Lowlands of Scotland
4. *Postcodes G + EH and south of

Outside these Areas?
1. Call us for your own unique costs - Tel: 01244 470903

Bacs / Bank Payment:
1. If you prefer to create a Bacs payment (Bank Transfer)
2. Call us for a chat - Tel: 01244 470903

Free Back-Lit Paper:
1. Free Back-Lit Paper (A3x 100 Sheets) is included in this order
2. Back-Lit Paper is crucial for a document to be added to the LED
3. Back-Lit Paper or Film is also available for future re-orders

1. Used stock also comes with a 4x week warranty
2. Transformer supplied comes with a 1 year warranty

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